Ukraine war: Nato and the EU can turn Kosovo border crisis into an opportunity to put more pressure on Russia

An old dispute over a decision by the government of Kosovo in September 2021 to enforce the use of Kosovo-issued licence plates for Serbs in the northern municipalities has flared up again and threatens to escalate into conflict between the two countries.

Self-Determination After Kosovo

Using Kosovo as an illustrative case study, this article discusses the meaning of self-determination in its historical and contemporary contexts and examines the different options available for the accommodation of contested self-determination claims.

The Ethnopolitics of Elections

Co-edited with Florian Bieber, this special issue was published by Ethnopolitics in 2005. It features a conceptual discussions and case studies that focus on the evolution of electoral systems in seven countries around the world, from Belgium to Trinidad and Tobago....

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The Ethnopolitical Encyclopaedia of Europe

This volume, published in 2004, presents a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of ethnopolitics in Europe, detailing the dynamics of the political mobilisation of ethnic groups across the continent and its consequences for domestic and international politics. Written...

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