Middle East and North Africa

Libya: Amid Hope for Peace, Regional Rifts Still Pose Hurdles

2021 is meant to be Libya’s transitional year. The new interim government faces huge tasks.

Extremism must be a problem shared

We are witnessing more terrorist attacks that occur across more countries and kill more people (and, importantly, more Muslims than non-Muslims). It is pointless for world leaders to issue shared statements of condemnation while continuing to pursue otherwise nationally-centred responses to the problem.

Syria and the wider crisis of international diplomacy

What we see in Syria now illustrates the inability of global leaders to lead and offer strategic vision of engagement with each other that would enable a more constructive and pragmatic approach to problem-solving. Not only does this harm great power interests but with a look at the ever worsening humanitarian crisis in and around Syria it also makes a mockery of the values they purport to defend.

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