Subnational Governance and Conflict

The potential for subnational governance to serve as a catalyst of peace has been widely recognized. This is reflected...

Recovery from the Arab Spring will take a generation or more

Predictions that may take a generation or more for the Middle East to recover from the turmoil that the Arab Spring are clearly a sobering assessment. But they are hardly surprising given that there has been no significant improvement in people’s living conditions, that political tensions and repression persist and that levels of violence are on the up.

Prepare for more drones, and less all-out war

As drone technology advances and proliferates ever further, national and international security interests will increasingly come to be seen being served better by drones than by expeditionary campaigns. That said, the temptation for more state (and non-state) actors to use drones and to do so more often, will not necessarily make the world a safer or less violent place.