This volume, published in 2004, presents a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of ethnopolitics in Europe, detailing the dynamics of the political mobilisation of ethnic groups across the continent and its consequences for domestic and international politics. Written by recognised experts in the field and following a clear structure, this is an essential reference work for any student of contemporary Europe, allowing for systematic cross-national and cross-community comparisons and serving as a unique data source on the continent’s politically mobilised ethnic groups.

I am very impressed by the comprehensive, very readable, and well integrated character of the book. It will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the make-up of contemporary Europe. Andre Liebich, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva

An indispensable reference for students of comparative ethnic politics in Europe. Michael Hechter, University of Washington, Seattle

Karl Cordell and Stefan Wolff should be proud of their results, since they can open new fields of interdisciplinary research and inspire new generations of students. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism

This book is highly relevant for many disciplines in universities throughout the UK and Europe and is recommended for every university library. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies