Confidence Building in the OSCE Region

Confidence Building in the OSCE Region Since 2016, I have been working on several papers in the area of confidence building in the OSCE region as part of my engagement in the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions, in which I represent the Institute for... read more

The New Geopolitics of Eastern Europe

When pro-Western protesters took to the streets in Kiev, Ukraine, over the refusal of the country’s president to sign an Association Agreement with the EU, nobody could predict the sequence of developments that followed. I have been reflecting on what the changes in Eastern Europe mean more broadly for international security and the emergence of a new geopolitical reality.

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Drones: The Political Effects of UAVs

This project investigates whether and how the use of drones by a state on the territory of another actor increases or decreases the propensities for conflict and cooperation both within and between these actors, asking specifically what impact the use of drones has on the possibilities for containing and/or ending intrastate conflict, and what its impact is on the relationship between states.

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Global Pluralism Index

Global Pluralism Index Since 2013, I have been working with the Global Centre for Pluralism to develop a global index tool to evaluate and monitor a society’s treatment of all types of diversity and assess practices across the economic, political, and cultural... read more

Perspectives on the Arab Spring

Over the past several years, I have been reflecting on the Arab Spring from the perspective of the international community’s response, its implications for international security, and the violent nature of most of the transition processes.

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Constitutional Design and Conflict Management in Africa

Focusing on the case of Sudan, I am one of seven of the leading scholars in comparative constitutional law to develop case studies on constitutional design and conflict management as part of a a programme on Climate Change and African Political Stability in Africa run by the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law at The University of Texas at Austin.

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Conflict Resolution in Moldova

Over the past decade, I have been involved in various conflict management and settlement efforts in Moldova, working with the Government of Moldova, the authorities of Transnistria and Gagauzia, the OSCE Mission and the EU Delegation in Chisinau, as well as the British Embassy in Moldova and providing advice to a variety of governments and international organisations.

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