The OSCE and Central Asia: Options for engagement

Three trends, accelerated by the Russian war in Ukraine, characterise the changing geopolitical dynamics in Central Asia: Russia’s declining influence in the region, China’s reluctance to step decisively into this void, and the slowly but unevenly increasing ability of the Central Asian countries to provide an alternative framework for managing regional stability.

Prepare for more drones, and less all-out war

As drone technology advances and proliferates ever further, national and international security interests will increasingly come to be seen being served better by drones than by expeditionary campaigns. That said, the temptation for more state (and non-state) actors to use drones and to do so more often, will not necessarily make the world a safer or less violent place.

Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth: A Blessing in Disguise?

What Afghanistan needs in light of its newly found mineral wealth is a revenue-sharing framework that is fair and sustainable and a regulatory framework that gives foreign investors a sense of security so that Afghanistan’s people have a chance of reaping real benefits from their country’s mineral wealth.

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