Economic connectivity has been at the heart of the OSCE’s Second Dimension for more than four decades. The Second Dimension may not always have received the attention that it deserves, but the successes that the OSCE has had in using the tools of economic diplomacy to contribute to better relations and tension reduction and to more inclusive economic development suggest that the economic connectivity agenda should remain at the heart of activities in the Second Dimension.

In this report for the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security at the University of Birmingham, I explore past successes and future prospects for the OSCE to use its economic connectivity toolkit in reducing barriers to economic exchange and promoting economic ties. This will build confidence, generate synergies, and enhance co-operation between its participating States and create opportunities for cooperation beyond the OSCE region.

The report, and its presentation at the Milan Ministerial Council of the OSCE, were also covered in the OSCE Magazine and in the Infrastructure Channel.

This report can be found as an open-access publication here and here.