Kin-state Politics

Twenty Years On: The Continuing Relevance of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities

Given the persistence of minority-majority tensions and conflict across the OSCE area and beyond, the institution of the High Commissioner on National Minorities remains as relevant today as twenty years ago, and I see three specific areas in which the HCNM has a future role to play: monitoring, preventive quiet diplomacy, and policy transfer.

Minority Languages in Europe

Minority languages are part of Europe's shared cultural heritage and there is a broad consensus that it is important to protect and encourage linguistic and cultural diversity during the process of continuing European integration. But what legislative and policy...

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Coming Home to Germany?

Ethnic cleansing has been one of the phenomena that have shaped the 20th century from its first decade to its last, and Europe continues to have to deal with the consequences of forced population transfers. One of the most significant events of this kind has been the...

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