Ethnic conflicts around the world devastate the lives of millions of people, destabilise national governments and undermine the prospects of sustainable development and successful transitions to democracy in entire regions. The threats to global peace and stability that ethnic conflicts in today’s globalising world pose often prompt the international community to engage in difficult and controversial peace-making and peace-keeping operations with uncertain costs and outcomes.

Co-edited with Ulrich Schneckener, this volume addresses these developments and their causes and consequences in a systematic way. It offers a broad theoretical framework for the study of ethnic conflicts, their management and settlement. Recognised experts present in-depth analyses of past and present successes and failures, covering each of the major approaches to conflict management and settlement and a wide range of conflicts in Africa, Asia and Europe. Thus, an in-depth assessment of the future prospects of successful conflict management and settlement and a comprehensive picture of the state of the discipline emerge.

There is no comparable publication of this quality in any language… it will soon become a seminal textbook on the topic.Stefan Troebst, University of Leipzig