The threat posed by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)

In a joint submission to the UK Parliament’s Defence Select Committee, my colleagues Paul Schulte, Chris Wyatt and I address counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation policy, including the ideological threat; the role of air power; and the need to consider ongoing operations and policy in the Strategic Defence and Security Review and the associated National Security Strategy.

The Transnistrian Issue: Moving beyond the Status Quo

Analysing the current context of the Transnistrian conflict and drawing on an analysis of existing proposals for conflict settlement, this study offers a number of suggestions how a sustainable settlement could be achieved.

Conflict Resolution in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood

This paper was commissioned by the European Policy Centre and co-authored with Amanda Akcakoca, Thomas Vanhauwaert, and Richard G. Whitman. It analyses the impact of the war between Russia and Georgia on the EU’s ability to manage conflicts in the wider eastern...

Ethnic Minorities in Europe

This report, prepared for the European Centre for Minority Issues, in Flensburg, Germany, provides an overview of ethnic minorities in Europe, including details on the size of different minority groups, their origins, and the nature of claims and disputes they are...