Authored Books

Subnational Governance and Conflict

The potential for subnational governance to serve as a catalyst of peace has been widely recognized. This is reflected in the frequent inclusion of subnational governance arrangements in political settlements negotiated in war-to-peace transitions. In this book, my... read more

Ethnic Conflict: Causes, Consequences, and Responses

Why does ethnic conflict remain one of the major security challenges in today’s world? Can we avoid another Rwanda in the future? How was it possible, after almost four decades, to achieve a lasting settlement to the conflict in Northern Ireland, while that in... read more

Ethnic Conflict: A Global Perspective

Illuminating the broad similarities between ethnic conflicts around the world, this book engages the two fundamental questions underlying them all: why do people keep killing each other and what can we do about it?

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Edited Volumes

Critical Concepts in Political Science: Ethnic Conflict

The study of ethnic conflict saw its heyday in the aftermath of the Cold War with a proliferation of theories about its causes and management. But its origins as a subject of academic inquiry not only predate the end of the Cold War but also its inception, with some... read more

The European Union as a Global Conflict Manager

Co-edited with Richard Whitman and published by Routledge, this book offers an up-to-date and accessible analysis of the theories, processes and practice of the European Union’s role in managing conflict in Europe, Asia and Africa and examines both institutional... read more

The Routledge Handbook of Ethnic Conflict

Co-edited by Karl Cordell and myself and with contributions from leading scholars in the field, this handbook offers the definitive global survey of the interaction of race, ethnicity, nationalism and politics. It blends theoretically grounded, rigorous analysis with... read more

The European Neighbourhood Policy in Perspective

In implementing the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) the European Union offers a deeper political and economic relationship to its neighbours, but without a promise of EU membership. The ENP is intended to be a strategic approach to the post-enlargement situation... read more

Autonomy, Self-governance and Conflict Resolution

Conflicts over the rights of self-defined population groups to determine their own destiny within the boundaries of existing states are among the most violent forms of inter-communal conflict. Many experts agree that autonomy regimes are a useful framework within... read more

Managing and Settling Ethnic Conflicts

Ethnic conflicts around the world devastate the lives of millions of people, destabilise national governments and undermine the prospects of sustainable development and successful transitions to democracy in entire regions. The threats to global peace and stability... read more

The Ethnopolitical Encyclopaedia of Europe

This volume, published on 2004, presents a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of ethnopolitics in Europe, detailing the dynamics of the political mobilisation of ethnic groups across the continent and its consequences for domestic and international politics. Written... read more

Minority Languages in Europe

Minority languages are part of Europe’s shared cultural heritage and there is a broad consensus that it is important to protect and encourage linguistic and cultural diversity during the process of continuing European integration. But what legislative and policy... read more

Coming Home to Germany?

Ethnic cleansing has been one of the phenomena that have shaped the 20th century from its first decade to its last, and Europe continues to have to deal with the consequences of forced population transfers. One of the most significant events of this kind has been the... read more

Peace at Last?

Spanning more than thirty years, and costing over 3000 lives, the conflict in and over Northern Ireland has been one of the most protracted ethnic conflicts in Western Europe. After several failed attempts to resolve the fundamental differences over national belonging... read more

German Minorities in Europe

The study of ethnic minorities and their role in the domestic politics of their host states has long attracted scholars from a wide range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. By contrast, national (or external) minorities, have been under-represented... read more