Self-determination after Kosovo

Co–edited with Annemarie Peen Rodt, this special issue was published by Europe-Asia Studies. It presents the results of several years of collaborative work among the contributing authors who first discussed individual papers at a workshop at the International...

Self-Determination After Kosovo

Using Kosovo as an illustrative case study, this article discusses the meaning of self-determination in its historical and contemporary contexts and examines the different options available for the accommodation of contested self-determination claims.

Conflict Management in Divided Societies: The Many Uses of Territorial Self-Governance

This article establishes and tests a framework to explain the emergence of forms of territorial self-governance, examines the conditions under which they are combined with other conflict management strategies, such as power sharing, and reflects on their track record of providing stability in divided societies, finding it more promising than its critics allow.

The Transnistrian Issue: Moving beyond the Status Quo

Analysing the current context of the Transnistrian conflict and drawing on an analysis of existing proposals for conflict settlement, this study offers a number of suggestions how a sustainable settlement could be achieved.

South Sudan’s Year One: Managing the Challenges of Building a New State

A year after independence, continuing tension with the North is not the only challenge facing South Sudan. From the uncertain fate of the disputed territory of Abyei and cross-border inter-communal conflicts, to a lack of economic infrastructure and food insecurity, combined with a persistent failure to build successful institutions, South Sudan’s beginning as an independent state is rife with dangers.