Ethnic Conflict

Mission (Im)Possible? UN Military Peacekeeping Operations in Civil Wars

Under what conditions can UN military peacekeeping operations (PKOs) succeed in contexts of civil war?

Sudan: ‘Successful’ Constitutional Reform Spurs Localized Violence

Institutions are important in mitigating the extent to which shocks produce violent consequences, but their effectiveness is conditioned by the behavior of local and international leaders. Ostensibly perfect institutions may fail due to poor stewardship, while even imperfect ones can succeed at preventing violent escalation if local and international political leaders have sufficient political will.

Twenty Years On and Twenty Years Ahead

While resistance to HCNM involvement is likely to increase in an era in which sovereignty concerns all too often trump concerns over human and minority rights, this does not make the institution of the HCNM itself irrelevant — on the contrary. I argue in this article that there are three areas in which the HCNM has a future role to play: monitoring, preventive quiet diplomacy, and policy transfer.

The Emerging Practice of Complex Power Sharing

Examining three main schools of conflict resolution -- centripetalism, consociational power sharing and power dividing -- and contrasting their analysis and recommendations with current policy to resolve self-determination, this chapter argues that there is an...

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The Regional Dimensions of State Failure

Published in the Review of International Studies in 2011, this article starts by considering the academic and policy debate on state failure since the early 1990s. Since then, its empirical and analytical sophistication has grown, yet the fact that state failure is a...

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The Routledge Handbook of Ethnic Conflict

Co-edited with Karl Cordell and featuring contributions from leading scholars in the field, the Routledge Handbook of Ethnic Conflict offers the definitive global survey of the interaction of race, ethnicity, nationalism and politics. It blends theoretically grounded,...

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