Policy Reports

The Russian Threat against Ukraine: A Long History and an Uncertain Future

The current escalation between Russia and Ukraine is the latest chapter in a saga of deteriorating relations dating back almost two decades.

Ukraine: a country wounded by eight years of crisis

Ukraine’s domestic resilience is as important a contribution to European and global security in the long term as the immediate imperative of deterring Russian aggression.

Is there a future for cooperation between the OSCE and China?

Engagement with China must not lead to a further weakening of the OSCE human dimension, which is already under a lot of pressure.

Territorial self-governance and separatism: The case of (eastern) Ukraine

Territorial self-governance can take many forms, from federation, to federacy, to devolution. Provided the conditions are right, it can contribute to conflict prevention and settlement. Ukraine exhibits many characteristics in which the application of territorial...

Conflict-Solving Mechanisms and Negotiation Formats for Post-Soviet Protracted Conflicts

Existing negotiation formats for post-Soviet protracted conflicts have failed to reach their ultimate objective of reaching sustainable settlements. However, as I argue in this report for the Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies at the Swedish Institute of...

Strengthening the OSCE through Enhanced EU-OSCE Cooperation

Can the OSCE be regenerated through enhanced cooperation with the EU, and if so, how?

The OSCE’s Afghanistan Challenge

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan poses local, regional and global stability challenges for the OSCE and its participating States.

Mission (Im)Possible? UN Military Peacekeeping Operations in Civil Wars

Under what conditions can UN military peacekeeping operations (PKOs) succeed in contexts of civil war?

Pawns, Partners, and “Smart Leadership”: Ukraine’s Opportunities in the China-Russia-West Triangle

Ukraine can find advantage in geopolitical competition while reducing its sense of disempowerment.

China: A Challenge or an Opportunity for the OSCE?

China has become a significant actor in the OSCE area at a time of deep divisions among participating States.