UN General Assembly Vote on Kosovo

Another week in the spotlight for Kosovo as the United Nations General Assembly voted on the issue of the legality of its declaration of independence in October 2008. Why is the vote important and what possible impact could a vote either way have on the Balkans.

War in Georgia

With the escalation of military hostilities between Georgia and Russia in August 2008, Europe has once again seen war breaking out between two states against the background of an ethnic conflict that shad been left simmering for more than a decade-and-a-half. What are...

Arrest of Radovan Karadzic

After more than ten years on the run, suspected war criminal Radovan Karadzic was arrested in Serbia in July 2008. What is the significance of his arrest for developments in the Western Balkans and for Serbia’s relationships with its neighbours and the European...

Kosovo in Focus

Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia is a move which could have regional and global ramifications. What is its likely impact now and in the future?