Book Chapters

Sudan: ‘Successful’ Constitutional Reform Spurs Localized Violence

Institutions are important in mitigating the extent to which shocks produce violent consequences, but their effectiveness is conditioned by the behavior of local and international leaders. Ostensibly perfect institutions may fail due to poor stewardship, while even imperfect ones can succeed at preventing violent escalation if local and international political leaders have sufficient political will.

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The Emerging Practice of Complex Power Sharing

Examining three main schools of conflict resolution¬†— centripetalism, consociational power sharing and power dividing — and contrasting their analysis and recommendations with current policy to resolve self-determination, this chapter argues that there is... read more

Consociationalism, Power Sharing, and Politics at the Center

Published in The International Studies Encyclopedia (edited by Robert A. Denemark, Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), this chapter outlines the main features of centripetalism, power sharing, and power dividing and of their prescriptions for divided societies. I compare the... read more

Electoral Systems Design in Power-sharing Regimes

Published in Powersharing: New Challenges for Divided Societies (ed. by Ian O’Flynn and David Russell, Pluto Press, 2006), this chapter focuses on electoral systems design as a key mechanism in the broader institutional design approach to the resolution of... read more

Conflict Management in Northern Ireland

Published in the UNESCO Journal on Multicultural Societies (vol. 4, no. 1, 2002) and subsequently re-printed in Democracy and Human Rights in Multicultural Societies (ed. by Matthias Koenig and Paul de Guchteneire, Ashgate, 2007), this essay analyses the different... read more

Content and Context: Sunningdale and Belfast Compared

Published as a contribution to Aspects of the Belfast Agreement (ed. by Rick Wilford, Oxford University Press, 2001), this chapter takes as its starting point the observation that both the 1973 Sunndingdale and 1998 Belfast agreements are, in essence, consociational... read more