Reports on Gagauzia

Below are links to a wide range of reports and recommendations for various aspects of the situation in Gagauzia that emerged from my work since 2003.

Between 2004 and 2009 I regularly visited Komrat as part of a project run by the European Centre for Minority Issues on clarifying the competences accorded to Gagauzia in the 1994/5 settlement. In August 2008 I was part of a mission with the EU Special Representative to Komrat to help the local political parties overcome a deadlock after parliamentary elections in Gagauzia earlier in the year.

Overcoming Political Deadlock in Gagauzia

The Distribution of Competences between Centre and Autonomy: Issues and Options in the Functioning of the Gagauz Autonomy in Moldova

Representation of Autonomous Entities at the Level of the Central Government


January 2010

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