Centrifugal powers – implications for Ukraine

Drawing on recent research on power sharing and territorial self-governance, this paper focuses on the options available for dealing with the territorial contestation between Kiev and the separatists in the two eastern regions of Ukraine. I first review relevant findings from three different sets of data and then outline their implications for moving towards a sustainable arrangement for relations between Kiev and Donetsk and Luhansk.

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Power Sharing and Transitional Justice

This paper develops a theoretical model to enable a better understanding of the relationship between power sharing and transitional justice in peace agreements and their impact on the attainability and sustainability of long-term peace, justice, and democracy and tests it on a new dataset of 72 post-1989 peace agreements.

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Self-determination and Grand Strategy

At the 20th Liechtenstein Colloquium on International Security, I contributed a talk on the new quality of complexity that shapes the environment today in which self-determination claims are negotiated, and this is likely to increase further in the future.

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Twentieth Anniversary Conference of the OSCE HCNM

Given the persistence of minority-majority tensions and conflict across the OSCE area and beyond, the institution of the HCNM, in my view, remains as highly relevant today as twenty years ago and there are three specific areas in which it has a future role to play: monitoring, preventive quiet diplomacy, and policy transfer.

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Integration and Conflict Prevention in Diverse Societies

One of the fundamental ideas underlying the notion of conflict prevention in diverse societies is that different population segments can resolve any differences by recourse to institutional processes rather than violence. For such institutional processes to be effective, a viable and resilient state is required whose fundamental constitutional principles are broadly accepted and respected across all segments of societies.

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